Childhood Fear

Oct 18, 2015

This is a story of mine not only myself, a lot more Indian children (mostly middle class) faced the same kind of issue in their childhood. I can say that as “Childhood Fear”.

It is a technique which mostly used by Indian mom’s while feeding their children. Especially when the child are adamant and not interested to take the food. They used to distract the child by showing the things which is happening around them and feed them when the child is busy watching that foolishly. Watch one of my fav TED videos which vaguely matches this scenario.

Some of the things they used for distractions are as follows.

  • Moon(mostly)
  • TV - now mobile phones vastly
  • Poochandi — Monster / fearsome man
  • Pets and so many, but in my case it is

Palm Tree climber

Yes, Palm Tree Climber famously know as Pannayeri at our region(Erode,INDIA). He is a person, I called him as Pannayeri. Climbing the palm tree is their occupation to make Indian Jaggery. As from the photo you can see a tools backside which knotted along with his belt. They keep a sharp knife for their cutting purpose.

My home is in centre of our agriculture land and there are plenty of palm tress around the land. Here the story comes, whenever i was adamant my mom used to call him. He scared me a lot by saying “I will cut your nose, if you were not polite with your mom” by flashing his knife.

Since then, once he arrived I behaved very politely to my mom and obey her words. I guess it lasts until my Class Seven. Then, time passes I grown up and everything changed. No more fear of him, he talks to me normally and we shares few moments. For the last eight years, I rarely see him and waves with hand. I have a great respect for him. To me, we are surrounded by many good hearts apart from our parents. Unknowingly without expecting any effort from us they are helping us to grow and glow in our own life.

  • Don’t forget the people. *

Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time — Dalai Lama

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