Blogging like a Hacker

Nov 03, 2016

My thrist on creating blogs(mostly personal type) is always hign since 2012. I have interested in web developing based studies & works and i dont remember exactly, how many blogs i have had tried in the past. Finally few months before i settled with Tumblr and before that few Wordpress sites too :p . Tumblr is good at somepoint, particularly sharing with social sites and able to differentiate between text,photos,video,quote and chat. But somehow, i felt Tumblr didnt align with my vision.

I am not a type of blogger who wanted to go viral with the topics. I am looking for truely personal blog to share my thoughts and few other stuffs. Wordpress is simply too big. Since there is a plenty of advantage in using wordpress, it’s also held up with disadvantages in my case. As a personal blogger i dont want play with huge files structure. Finally, got a chance to try Jekyll and i feel like the one.

Earlier, i have used Github for saving some of my academic works. Github is bringing a revolution in revision control and source code management. Github also provides repository to store files and codes. Git client apps for Windows & Mac makes it more powerful. Github along with Jekyll - a simple, blog-aware, static site generator helped me build this simple blog. Disqus comment system makes more smarter.

I started with few tutorials of jekyll and its official documentaion. I forked few existing open-source codes, played with it, adopted some changes in it and do tried few jekyll themes. Finally, a couple of weeks before i came up with simple blog build on Jekyll, Bootstrap(for styling,responsive nature) and disqus(comment). And i also felt, Markdown is cool. I haven’t provided any detail on “How i build” as a tons of tutorials is available already!

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